Back Prop ANN's For Speech Recognition

GPU Processing Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)

1. Speech, Character, General Patterns Recognition
2. C#, Unity3D Graphics, C++ Acclerated Massive Processing
3. Unity3D Audio Analysis

The Competition: Tesla K40, K80, Other GeForce 900s

Titan X: $1,000, 6.9 TFLOPS, 6.9 GFLOPS/$ GTX 980 Ti: $670, 5.6 TFLOPS, 8.4 GFLOPS/$ GTX 980: $500, 4.1 TFLOPS, 8.2 GFLOPS/$ Tesla K40: $3,000, 4.3 TFLOPS, 1.4 GFLOPS/$ Tesla K80: $5,000, 8.7 TFLOPS, 1.7 GFLOPS/$

Back Prop ANN's Basics Function

1. Feed Forward (Identify) 2. Feed Back (Correct Net)

Feed Forward is like a matrix multiply A*B=C
Matrice A are inputs(Patterns as set of Vectors)
A (Inputs) are presented randomly as each Patern alone.
Matrice B (One per Layer) is Weight Network , and C is your output.

Diverse Neural Network Methodology

Choose Your Type and Bing for Info Wikipedia Help

1. Backpropagation, Hebian Learning, Convolutions Networks
2. Supervised, Unsupervised Learning, Weights Layers
3. C++ Acclerated Massive Processing & GPUs